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Apply now at the exklusive membership club for families & friends in Berlin


Membership Fees

(Start at Opening Date)

Credits work as currency to book additional benefits at The Olive House. Your monthly fee will include general benefits.

One time admission fee: Child 99 €, Young Adult 199 €, Adults 299 €. (Minimum contract term: 12 months)

How it works

By applying, you first send a general interest in becoming a member of The Olive House. Upon acceptance, we charge a processing fee of 100 euros (per family / application)


After transfer, you ensure your membership at the first Olive House.You will be involved throughout the development process and we welcome any feedback regarding your wishes. Additionally, you will receive your Founding Member membership card upon opening date.


The contract signature for the membership takes place after inspection of the finished house shortly before opening. (You can of course withdraw from your membership until then at any time).


The benefits & access for adults are the same throughout the entire house. Young adults will additionally receive special offers and a reduced membership fees. We offer special courses and care areas for all ages.

Access to Gym, Spa & Fitness under 18 is not permitted unless accompanied by an adult.


Child memberships are divided into 4 parts:

0-3 years I 3-6 years I 7-12 years I 13-18 years old


Due to the high number of applications, we can not guarantee any open membership spaces in advance up until opening. We therefore recommend an early application.