The Olive House – A place to meet, a place to enjoy

Berlin, 2019.

They are individuals with strong personalities who dare to take a big step into a new chapter of life: they decide to create life, have a child and turn into a family.

So many opportunities and possibilities await them, which will make them evolve together.

A constant companion by their side: The Olive House.

It will help them to grow into their new role as parents.

At the same time it will support them growing their social network, support their relationships with each other and help them develop their independent personalities.

They can work out there, enjoy the company of like minded people while attending exclusive events, enjoy daydreaming in the spa, or experience culinary highlights together with their friends. And even work becomes better when they can exchange ideas and be creative in the co-working spaces.

On top of that they offer their children the chance to really unfold their potential in the music, arts and exercise, and to play with children their own age.

If there are any questions concerning health, they will find the right professionals in place.


All their troubles and wishes are heard, and customized solutions are provided.


Behind them there are responsible establishments, which have come together to bring a common vision to life.

The idea of a space for an exclusive community, a safe haven, a space to live out creativity.


They believed in a vision for a sophisticated feel good place for families and friends.

From the very beginning they were a part of the project and supported its creation.


They are Marie, Philipp and two year old Paul.

They are Anne and her little Ben.

They are Daniel and his daughters Sophie and Lea.

They are Niklas, Sascha and their Emma.

The are you and I – they are us.


#empower #diversity

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