“A happy place, where we can spend time and grow together as a family and meet our friends”, Maximilian, 42 years old, said dreamily.

“A place where the kiddies can really explore their potential”, Sebastian, 40, added on, smiling, as he took Maximilian’s hand, “that is our dream!”

Proud and full of life and love the two of them were sitting in a café in Kreuzberg, during a sunny spring day.

The sparkle in their eyes was visible, even through the lenses of their sunglasses.

Maximilian took a sip of his drink before he continued to explain about his life and goals.

“Around a year ago we finally got our lifelong dream fulfilled: siblings Nora, 8, and Ben, 3, became our children and became the most important part of our lives. They are the best thing that ever happened to us and make us so happy! We are both self-employed, we founded our Ad agency together, which allows us a very flexible day-to-day, and are really secure at this point in our life. Now the only thing that is missing is a place where we can all hang out together as a family”, Maximilian explains.

They would love somewhere where they could enjoy activities as a family: watching movies in a cinema, take classes and do projects, have dinners with family and friends and celebrate occasions with all ages.

All of this they would like to experience in a place where they really feel welcome as a family.

Of course they still enjoy their time as a couple, so places where they could retrieve to, to participate in a yoga class, a workout or enjoy a glass of wine together would be ideal.

After another drink in the sun and a great conversation we said goodbye.

They walked away hand-in hand, happy and full of hope, enjoying the images of the trees mirroring in the water.

Because The Olive House takes care of all her needs and fulfills her wishes. Here they can check their problems at the door and enjoy their family carefree.

We take care of you. We offer more. We are here. That is our promise. That is

The Olive House.

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