The first time we ran into Nicole, 31, she was enjoying a nice summer day, sitting in the shadow on one of the little beaches at the Wannsee lake.

While reading her book she continuously pops her head up to check on Timo, her five year old son, who is happily building his sand castles.

Exuding a mix of happiness and curiosity she seems content.

“I am a single parent since four years and am the Art Director at a Berlin Startup. My days are very full juggling my job while managing Timo’s childcare and keeping up with all the errands. On top of that come all his extra-curricular activities like soccer and art classes”, she explains, seeming suddenly a little stressed.

Except if her friends or parents stop by she doesn’t really have time to socialise a lot.

“Of course there are my colleagues and parents of Timo’s friends, but it still sometimes is hard to find like-minded people, now that I am a mom. I am young, and although Berlin offers a lot of places to go out to, the contacts you make there are often very superficial”, she continues.

She would really like a new opportunity, where she can meet her peers, while enjoying a cup of coffee or a cocktail, attend fun events or seminars, while her son is well taken care of.

Maybe even a space that offers him classes while she participates in her own program.

She really wants to be sure that he is well taken care of, the best would be if she could easily pop in and check up on him, in between those events, or maybe even squeezing in a spa treatment.

If all this could be offered within one space that would make her life so much easier and take out the stress of rushing from appointment to appointment. 

After our enlightening chat we said goodbye and saw mother and child running towards the water, enthusiasm and excitement visible on their faces.

Because The Olive House takes care of all her needs and fulfills her wishes. Here they can check their problems at the door and enjoy their family carefree.

We take care of you. We offer more. We are here. That is our promise. That is

The Olive House.

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