We met Michael, 39 years old, and Katrin, 37, on a Sunday afternoon, waiting in line in popular café in Charlottenburg.

They seemed a little tired but in good spirits, as they were exchanging loving looks.

“This is one of the few moments we have for just the two of us. We both work, Michael as a surgeon and I as a high school teacher, and we have two small daughters. That doesn’t always leave time for you as a couple”, Katrin explains.

The couples’ daughters Amelie, 2, and Marta, 7, attend pre-school and second grade.

“Luckily Katrin can pick up the girls most of the time, but sometimes things come up and then I have to do it after working a night shift. Then there are also dance and music lessons, homework and family trips. We manage well but it would be great if there was a solution to handle all of this in a little less stressful way”, Michael continues.

A shuttle picking the kids up from school and taking them to their classes at the Olive House, so that they can end their work days in peace, and if needed continue their work there is high on their wishlist.

As they are very focused on their kids development they are looking for a versatile course offering for them within a safe environment, where they can pop in on any time.

And since they do want to provide their children with nutritious and healthy meals every day, but don’t always feel like cooking, restaurants that offer just this in a cozy atmosphere is something they would enjoy. Especially if they could have date nights there as well.

A gym and spa in-house is very important to them, as it would save them a lot of time.

When it comes to their more personal needs, they would love a space where they could expand their network, enjoy a lively atmosphere and attend seminars and events.

As it was their turn for a table, we left them to enjoy their brunch.

As we turned around we saw the following: Michael with his arm around Katrin, both of them laughing, fulfilled with enthusiasm and excited about the future.

Because The Olive House takes care of all their needs and fulfills their wishes.

Here they can check their problems at the door and enjoy their family carefree.

We take care of you. We offer more. We are here. That is our promise. That is

The Olive House.

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