After taking a sip of her extra large coffee, Janina, 26 years old, set the glass back down next to her open laptop.

She leaned back in her seat in the coffee shop as she began our relaxed conversation.

“In the busy life of a consultant there is always something to prepare of follow up on. As I enjoy being among people I like to work from a coffee shop, especially as the atmosphere is more relaxed than in an office. I have to admit though you are probably not as productive”, she explains with a smile on her lips.

Janina projects an energetic and goal orientated impression.

After her masters in economics she interned in a famous consulting firm and was employed immediately.

She is in a committed relationship and really wants a family in the future, but right now that is not in the cards for her.

“Many in my group of friends are having kids, and I can tell that we are seeing each other less and less. One of the reasons is that there is no place where we all feel comfortable. At home there is the partner, who maybe wants to enjoy the free time after work in peace, and going to cafés and restaurants with kids is just not ideal. And if it’s just the adults who want to meet, there needs to be childcare for the kids, which is not always easy to organize”, Janina explains.

What they are missing is a place where all of them can meet, those with and those without kids, where they can relax, dine, workout and enjoy a spa treatment together.

Interesting and stimulating events and classes would also be great, especially if parents could decide to bring their kids or drop them off at adjacent childcare.

Just a place where kids, parents and family friends can enjoy a stress-free time.

A personal highlight would be cozy, fully equipped co-working spaces, where she could sit at any time with her laptop and a yummy coffee, concentrate on her work or exchange creative ideas with others.

After our enjoyable, relaxed talk we said goodbye.

As we left the coffee shop we saw Janina through the window, who was on the phone, while watching people walk by.

She exuded happiness because The Olive House takes care of all her needs and fulfills her wishes. Here she can check her problems at the door and enjoy her friendships carefree.

We take care of you. We offer more. We are here. That is our promise. That is

The Olive House.

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