Nadine was clearly out of breath when we met her.

“A pregnancy is not an excuse to not take care of yourself – especially when pregnant, keeping fit is important for both of us”, she says with a grin on her face, drinking water.

She sat down on the stairs of the Bode museum, with her bump beginning to show as she was around 5 months.

Purely exuding happiness, she took in the first ray of sunshine.

“I am so excited, this is my first child and I don’t want to miss out on any second of Noah’s life. This could be his first steps, his first words or the first time he loses a tooth. That is why I decided to take a break when he comes and will only return to work when he is a little older. I really want Noah to know that his mommy is available. I do want to continue my plans to found my first company when he is a little older though, so staying connected with the working world is important”, she excitedly explained.

Her partner Kai, 45, works in real estate and has a crazy schedule, which leaves her in charge of planning their wedding.

It would be great if there was a possibility for Kai to have his meetings next door to where she is working on all her plans, so that they could connect when she needs his input, and afterwards.

The idea of then being able to just move to a restaurant and enjoy a romantic dinner right after is really desirable to her.

Of course it would be great for her to really getting into shape again after the pregnancy, which she plans on doing with a personal trainer.

Knowing her son in the most capable of hands during this time would really make her life easier.

And since Kai works such long hours she also really craves a place where she can meet her girlfriends for a bite, a coffee or a drink and bring Noah.

And as a newborn comes with a lot of stress and sleepless nights a spa where she could recharge really is important to her.

After the short break and our pleasant chat we said goodbye.

While the birds were chirping and welcoming the day, Nadine was jogging away, ready to start the day full of energy and zest.

Because The Olive House takes care of all her needs and fulfills her wishes. Here they can check their problems at the door and enjoy their family carefree.

We take care of you. We offer more. We are here. That is our promise. That is

The Olive House.

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